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Q - Is it OK to sign a partial or blank contract?

A - NEVER. Read every clause carefully and ask any questions you may have before signing. Keep a copy of the signed contract and file it in our records. You should attempt to pay a minimal or no down payment for supplies or services, especially if he contractor is new to you. Excluding the down payment, you should not make payments for any incomplete work. Schedule additional payments at weekly or monthly intervals or after completion of each phase of the project. Again, all of these terms should be spelled out in the contract and clearly understood by both parties.

Q - Can I cancel the agreement?

A - When you sign a home improvement contract in your home and in the presence of a contractor, or contractor's representative, you have THREE BUSINESS DAYS in which to change your mind and cancel the contract. The contractor or his representative is required to tell you about your cancellation rights and provide you with any cancellation forms. If you cancel, it is recommended that a notice of cancellation be sent to the contractor via certified mail, return receipt requested.

Q - I hear people talking about Lien's on your property. How do I protect myself?

A - For a large remodeling project involving subcontractors and a substantial financial commitment, you should protect yourself from liens against your home in the event the primary contractor does not pay the subcontractors or suppliers. You may do this by adding a release-of-lien clause to the contract or by placing your payments in an escrow account until work is completed.

Q - How good are Warranties and how do I collect on them?

A - Any warranty offered by the contractor should be in writing and you should read it very carefully. The warranty must state whether it is a FULL WARRANTY giving the consumer certain automatic rights, or a LIMITED WARRANTY that limits certain consumer right. The warranty clause should spell out all terms and conditions in clear, understandable language.


Shawn at K & S Remodeling is a wealth of ideas, talent and professionalism. He knows his trade and takes pride in his work. He also knows what resources are available and is willing to share his knowledge. He gave us some design ideas that were very nice. He is also very personable. We are thrilled with our new kitchen.

Shawn at K & S Remodeling kept with our project despite all the roadblocks that came his way. Incorrect cabinets were ordered and delivered. The countertop that we ordered was incorrect due to incorrect cupboards; we reordered countertop; it arrived warped. Because of our experience with ordering cupboards and countertops, I strongly recommend that anyone considering a remodel consult Shawn. He can make your cupboards and countertops. The quality will be very good, and you will be spared headaches. Don't make the mistake we did. 

-Marna Freeman
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